TGA Powerpack Extra Heavy Duty

TGA Powerpack Extra Heavy Duty

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The Plus Wheelchair Powerpack from TGA attaches to almost all wheelchairs in a matter of seconds. With the same motor as its smaller brother, the Duo HD, the Plus offers a much greater power output thanks to its twin 14Ah batteries. The Plus pconsists of 2 x 14Ah batteries, a 200W motor and two drive wheels, while the controls attach conspicuously to either of the wheelchair push, handles and are operated by a push lever.

The Plus Powerpack makes days out with full-time heavyweight wheelchair users who are unable to self-propel a breeze. Hills, bumps and ramps are now safer and much less stressful than before and with a maximum speed of 3mph it won’t slow the person doing the pushing down.

The TGA Plus is designed to push weights of up to 32 stone (203Kg) over distances of up to 10 miles (16Km) per charge. This range will reduce though if you’re incorporating lots of hills into your route. Due to its ease of de-coupling and lifting via the carry-handle, the Plus is a great mobility addition across all forms of transport including car, coach, train, boat or aircraft.

The Plus is fitted as standard with a reverse option which gives you much greater manoeuvrability in tight spaces such as those found in homes, corridors and shops.

Once you’re done for the day we recommend you put it on charge overnight to keep the batteries at their best and to prolong their life.

The Plus is the largest powerpack in the range.