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The Motability Scheme helps you get mobile by exchanging your qualifying mobility allowance to lease a new affordable scooter or powered wheelchair.

Find out what's included in the lease and how easy it is to join the scheme below. But first, click the button below to check whether you are eligible to join.

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Leasing A Scooter

Scooters are very popular products on the Motability Scheme and finding the right one for you is important to us

We suggest trying a number of different scooters before deciding which one best suits your requirements. Scooters range in size, battery range, comfort and styles - let us help you find your perfect ride

Leasing A Powerchair

Powerchairs are typically used by clients who struggle to get on and off seats, who prefer to drive with a joystick or who require Rehab Seating to manage their posture and pressure needs

Powerchair assessments are typically more involved than Scooter assessments and will be performed either here at the assessment centre or at your home or place of residence

Home visits are essential for ensuring whichever machine you choose can be charged easily, stored safely and that it truly gives you the freedom you want

The Benefits of the Motability Scheme

Comprehensive Insurance

Motability include a fully comprehensive insurance package which provides cover in case of an accident, damage or theft of the scooter or powered wheelchair.

Servicing and Maintenance

Servicing and repairs are included
in your lease. You will have no unexpected repair bills to worry about and with a once annual service you'll enjoy total peace of mind.

Breakdown Recovery

If you break down away from home you just have to call Motability Assist on 0800 953 5000.

Motability assist will ensure you and your powered wheelchair or scooter get home safely

Battery Replacement

You have to keep your batteries charged. But if anything goes wrong with the batteries they will be replaced free of charge. If you are losing range simply get in touch and we'll perform a battery test

Tyre Replacement

During the course of your lease it is quite likely you'll require replacement tyres as they get worn down. Often these will be done as part of the annual service, but if you are concerned at any time please give us a call

Home Visits

We provide all of our services at your home except for major or complex repairs or for battery testing. This includes the free home assessment of either a powerchair or scooter and most small repairs and annual checkups.

Commonly Asked Questions

The Application Process

Joining the scheme is easy, but you must be in receipt of the correct award from the DWP. Check your eligibility to make sure you are in receipt of the correct benefit - Click Here

Yippee! Let's get the ball rolling. The first step is to give us a ring on 01303 850760 and tell us you are looking at joining the Motability Scheme. Our specialists will ask you a few questions to help us work out which team will handle your application - the Mobility Team or the Healthcare Team.

The word 'assessment' can sound scary but don't worry, there's no tests! The assessment is an opportunity for us to ask you questions about you, and a chance for you to ask questions about us and the products we may recommend. It's also a great chance to try different products out and even take them for a drive. A typical scooter assessment can take one hour, while a bespoke powerchair assessment can take two hours

Yes - absolutely! If this person is also responsible for managing your benefits paperwork they will need to attend to help you with the application.

This depends on whether you need a scooter or powerchair. The Mobility Team who manage scooter applications are based in the Enbrook Valley, Folkestone.

The Rehab Team who manage bespoke powerchair applications are located in Basepoint Business Centre, Folkestone.

We'll advise which location you will need to attend. Don't forget though, we are just as happy to come to you if you'd prefer. Make sure you let us know your preference.

You must show us a copy of your most recent benefits award. This must include your full name and address, your national insurance number, the type of benefit you receive and whether you have an indefinite award or whether you have a reassessment date planned.

You do not need to prove to us that you have a disability. It may be helpful on the day though to tell us about the nature or your disability or illness so we can best advise you.

Once your assessment is completed and you have chosen a product your application is submitted to Motability for approval. This usually takes up to three working days.

Once your application is approved we will then order you a brand new Scooter or Powerchair. Covid and Brexit have affected lead times so please do bear with us if things don't always go to plan, but Scooters typically take one week and powerchairs take three weeks.

Once your product arrives with us it is checked by the relevant team and then we call you or email you to arrange a handover date

Yes, you will receive a Welcome Pack in the post from Motability once your application has been approved. When we handover your new product we will need that paperwork so keep it somewhere safe.

The Motability Scheme enables you to lease a powerchair or scooter. This means you enter a contract for 3 or 5 years depending on the product value.

If you have a serious change in medical circumstances you will be able to terminate your contract early without penalty. If you terminate your contract for any other reason you may be liable to an early termination fee and may not be able to re-apply for another product through us

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