Quickie Q200

Quickie Q200

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The QUICKIE Q200 R uses an innovative chassis technology called SMART base technology. This helped Sunrise to understand how geometry changes to a drive base can affect performance, creating a precision-measured TRUE indoor/outdoor powerchair.

From SMART base development the Q200 R powerchair boasts an ultra-small footprint of 580 mm wide and 1070 mm long, with a tiny 1700 mm turning circle, so navigating even the tightest of spaces is a breeze. 

Going out? The QUICKIE Q200 R is a step up from the Q100 R in terms of outdoor performance.  The Q200 provides greater stability to prevent tipping and is ideal for the taller and larger user, with a max. weight of 136kg.  Using the Q200 R it’s no uphill struggle, with its larger castor wheels it can tackle any open-air terrain.

The Q200 R provides excellent outdoor performance as it easily manoeuvres through uneven and hilly territory with the ability to tackle hills of up to 8 degrees. 

All high-end active and medium-active wheelchairs are sold by assessment only. All quoted prices are 'base prices' and are subject to change following assessment. Pop in and try our demo Q100 or Q200 today.