AO6 Freedom Chair
AO6 Freedom Chair
AO6 Freedom Chair
AO6 Freedom Chair

AO6 Freedom Chair

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FreedomChair are the originators in folding powered chairs and lead with their design and innovation. Their chairs feature:

  • High quality builds
  • An easy to operate folding mechanism
  • Powerful lithium batteries can be charged both on and off the chair with the supplied charging adaptor cable. Certified for airline travel.
  • Electromagnetic brakes that hold the chair automatically on slopes
  • Motors that can be disengaged to allow the chair to freewheel
  • Armrests that can be lifted to allow sideways transfers or to clear table tops
  • An easy to operate joystick which can be removed for safety when travelling
  • A Handy under-seat bag for keeping personal items safe
  • A back seat storage compartment
  • A durable travel bag provided which covers the chair for protection and can be used to pull the chair along in freewheel mode


    The AO6 Freedom Chair has a 17" seat width and comes as standard with one battery. 


    We usually stock one of the four variants at any time. Please come in and try it.