The Small Change That goes a long way 


Lifting your scooter or powerchair

Autochair manufacture and fit a range of versatile hoists into all shapes and sizes of cars at a location and time convenient to you. 

Mobility scooters and powerchairs provide access to the local community but for those times went you want to go exploring further afield you'll miss not having your mobility solution at your request. 

For more information, speak to Autochair today on 0800 009 2159

Hoists that can cater for 40kg to 200kg machines

Autochair like saying yes. That's why if the opening of your boot is larger than your machine its highly likely Autochair will have a product solution for you.

The Smart Lifter range starts at 40KG which are ideal for your wheelchair or car transportable scooter. Available in a 40kg or 80kg option.

The Smart Lifter range continues with an 80k and 100kg hoist used for heavier scooters and medium sized powerchairs.

And for the largest powerchairs available there's a 125kg, 150kg and 200kg hoist available. The range topper is the world's highest capacity vehicle hoist available today. 


Hoist Controls

Operating your car hoist is simple! Naturally. 

Each hoist comes equipped with a simple four button control that can lift and load in 60 seconds, and there's no lifting required. 

If you want to see it in action give Autochair a call and request your free demonstration. They'll bring a vehicle equipped with a hoist to your home with absolutely no obligation. This is great chance to ask any questions you might have. 

For more information ring Auotochair on 0800 009 2159

Changing car? Take your hoist with you

That's right. No longer does the hoist have to remain in the car when you come to sell it. With over 400 vehicle specification kits available it's very likely that your next car will be compatible too.
If you're thinking of changing your car soon it's best to give Autochair a ring first to double check the next vehicle is compatible for both the hoist and size of your machine


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96% of Autochair's customers recommend them

And we're one of those 96%. Here at Cinque Ports we've hosted Autochair a number of times and have a whole host of happy customers, hence we're happy to recommend them to you.