Struggling With Your Stairs?

More of us are choosing to stay in our own homes as we get older, or for those with newly diagnosed disabilities we prefer to make adaptions to our own homes as opposed to moving home.

Whether it is a problem with fatigue or you are unable to use the stairs due to your disability a Stairlift might be the answer.

Straight Or Curved, One Flight Or Two

Stairlifts are available as straight or curved depending on the shape of your staircase. Stairlifts can be fitted to almost all staircases - even the steep and narrow ones often found here in Kent's coastal towns!

Assessments are usually conducted very shortly after the initial enquiry and quotations follow either in the hours or days following. Installations are also quick and completed with little mess or disruption.

Stairlifts Made For You

Getting the right stairlift for you requires an assessment of the home and also of you. Understanding your requirements are key to a well fitted, comfortable and safe stairlift.

Measurements of your home and also of you will be taken with assessments typically taking 90 minutes or less (it may be longer for multiple flights or complex curved stairlifts).

Free Assessments and Quotations

As a company we know how important it is to not feel any pressure to make decisions. We only work with companies who operate in a similar way.

As such all of our stairlift companies provide free assessments and no obligation quotations. Plus, if you are going to be on your own and would like one of our friendly team to join you just ask.

Step 1

Call Us on 01303 850760 or fill in our contact form below. We'll ask you a couple of questions about you and your property - nothing tricky we promise!

Step 2

We work with Companion Stairlifts who are owned by Handicare - a company that we have worked with for decades. We'll coordinate with one of the team to give you a call.

Step 3

Shortly after your assessment you'll receive your quotation either in the post or by email depending on your preferences. You're then just one call away from a new stairlift!