Covid-19 Face Mask Update

The recent announcement from Health and Social Care Secretary Matt Hancock outlines plans for the mandatory wearing of face masks in shops and on public transport effective from July 24th. To find out how this may affect you when visiting us please continue reading. 

For the last three months we have been performing a mini risk assessment for every visit, via a verbal conversation when you arrive. This conversation enables both parties to outline what is expected from the other and also helps us identify if any additional needs require accommodating while you're with us. Please don't feel offended if we ask you about any recent coughs, temperatures, positive tests or any other health concerns that we feel may increase your risk, or our risk, of transmitting the virus.

For the vast majority of our assessments and general conversations over the past few months we have been able to conduct these outside in the car park or on our shop frontage. When the weather is warm and sunny there is a suitable place to sit for able bodied persons, and we can provide seating for less able bodied. It is very important to us that you feel safe, reassured and respected while in our care. 

We recognise that certain conditions may require you to sit out of the sun, sheltered from wind and/ or away from noise and other stimuli. If you fall into this group please let us know by asking if you can enter the office or assessment centre. We are maintaining only one household within the office or assessment centre at a time. This means we can accommodate two households concurrently. 

We also recognise that your right to privacy and the upholding of your dignity is vital. Many topics we discuss may be difficult to have outside in the public domain. Once again, if you'd like to discuss a matter with greater privacy please let us know and we can enter. Again, this will be limited to one household at a time. 

Inside we aim for a 2m separation - in excess of the minimum current guidance of 1m. We ask that you anticipate this distance and do your best to maintain it, where possible.

The wearing of face masks in shops is soon to be made mandatory in law. This is enforceable by the Police - not by us. We will take no enforcing actions for those who do not wear face masks while with us. We recognise the difficulty that face masks cause when communicating sensitive information, especially for those who benefit from lip-reading. There are exceptions in law for anyone with a disability who reasonably believes the face mask will exacerbate their condition or impact their health or wellbeing. Please know that the decision to wear a face mask is at your discretion and we will not ask why you are not wearing one. 

We have a civic duty to our clients, neighbours, community and country to act responsibly to limit the spread of the coronavirus. On top of social distancing measures, limiting the numbers entering the shop and face masks you may see some of the following:

  • Equipment being treated pre-service and pre-inspection. For more information about this please click here
  • Signs on the doors asking you to stop and wait for permission to enter
  • Reduced staff numbers on site at any one time
  • A small delay while we attend to each person one at a time 
  • Products still boxed or in their original packaging and built (if required) while you wait
  • Staff performing assessments with PPE including gloves, face masks and in some instances aprons and visors
  • Equipment usually available for demonstration unavailable 
  • Delays on assessment stock and up to one week waits for complex assessments

Thank you for taking the time to read this information and if you have any concerns about your safety please ring before you intend to come and visit. It may be safer for us to come to you.

Updated 15/07/20 - Chris Cox

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