RGK Tiga Sub4

RGK Tiga Sub4

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The RGK Tiga Sub4 wheelchair is one of the world’s lightest wheelchairs – less than 4kg guaranteed (excluding wheels and cushion). The Tiga Sub4 is a made to measure rigid frame wheelchair constructed from aerospace grade 7 series aluminium designed for the most active of wheelchair users.

The RGK Tiga Sub4 wheelchair is a bespoke chair, tailored to your exact requirements at the point of assessment, and carefully built by hand to ensure the perfect fit. A fixed backrest and fixed centre of gravity remove the additional weight from the build that comes with adjustable parts, while a single tube design removes extra weight from welds and joins. Every component of the Sub4 chair is designed around the goal of making it as user-friendly and lightweight as feasibly possible while remaining cost-effective and long lasting.

The Tiga Sub4 comes with carbon-fibre components including sideguards and footplates, titanium fasteners, hollow-build frogslegs castors, plastic spacers and nylon footrest mounts. Weight has even been saved from the upholstery, with existing buckles replaced with low profile titanium buckles and the introduction of a new upholstery mesh design.

The RGK Tiga Sub4 wheelchair is a marvel of engineering and will transform your every push. If you’re interested in trying the weight for yourself, please give us a ring and we’ll arrange a demo for you.