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The Invacare Rea Clematis is a low-specification version of one of the most popular wheelchair choices from the Rea range of specialist clinical wheelchairs, the Rea Azalea. The Rea Azalea is the chair of choice for any persons requiring specialist and tailored seating or postural solutions while powerpack compatibility ensures carers and family have no need to worry about day trips or excursions. The Clematis offers the same level of specialist seating but with fewer postural and chassis options available.

The Rea Clematis is a medium-active to passive wheelchair, which means it is ideally suited to persons with some upper body strength who may be able to propel short distances (in and around a home for example) down to those with limited or no ability to propel themselves. The Azalea is a highly customisable wheelchair and only through gaining a holistic understanding of the individuals’ requirements and needs can the chair be built correctly.

The Rea Clematis, like the Azalea, is frequently used in both clinical locations (such as hospitals and wards) and non-clinical such as in and around the home or in care-homes. The popularity stems from its adaptability to meet and manage a vast range of user needs including for those with difficulty in maintaining posture, for people who commonly slump or slide in their existing chair, for those who are at high risk of pressure sores/ ulceration and for those who are likely to be heavy users.

The Rea Azalea is part of a family of clinically approved wheelchairs. Should you want to discuss your requirements with us please feel free to send us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll do our best to answer your questions and provide independent advice.

All high-end active and medium-active wheelchairs are sold by assessment only. All quoted prices are 'base prices' and are subject to change following assessment.