Pressure Mapping

Managing your risk of pressure ulcers may not be something you've spent much time thinking about. Those who are unfortunate enough to have had one will know, they are worth taking into consideration if you are at risk when purchasing any mobility or independent living equipment. 

All our staff are trained on pressure risk management and will be able to help you make an informed decision prior to purchase. 

For those who are deemed to be at an elevated risk of ulcers we'll be performing a more in-depth analysis of your risk with a view to recommending suitable cushions/ mattresses/ equipment to manage it the best we can. This might include completing a pressure map of you which creates a 3D image helping us to identify your most at risk zones. 

We have access to special pressure mapping equipment; all you need to do is sit on it, and a picture like the one above will be generated! We can then use it in tandem with different pressure solutions to find out which one is best at managing pressure for you. 

For more information on pressure management, pressure mapping or any of our cushions please don't hesitate to get in touch.