Medium-Very High Risk Vicair Pressure Cushions (Price From)

Medium-Very High Risk Vicair Pressure Cushions (Price From)

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The Vicair cushion range, distributed across the globe by Invacare, are high-specification clinically approved pressure relieving seating devices. Each cushion contains dozens of tetrahedron-shaped air bags called 'SmartCells'. 

The combination of cutting edge technology with leading product design provide you with a wheelchair cushion of exceptionally high quality. The smooth SmartCells move seamlessly against one another, the cells in the compartments deform individually and together to adjust perfectly to your body. The cushion compartments are designed in such a way that they provide superior stability and therefore a multitude of positioning possibilities. Each is filled with just the right amount of SmartCells, resulting in a stable cushion. Every compartment can also be adjusted to fit individual needs by removing or adding SmartCells.

Each Vicair cushion offers something a little different. Finding the perfect cushion is a combination of expert input from a trained seating specialist (Occupational Therapist, Independent Seating Specialist or Clinical Engineer) alongside physically sitting on various types to feel the difference for yourself.

By choosing Cinque Ports we're able to offer you no obligation assessments with physical-trials of various cushions - we stock the majority of the Matrx and Vicair range. If you'd like to arrange a seating assessment please contact us today. 

For much more information on the full Vicair cushion range please visit either Invacare's Seating website or Vicair's website.

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