Invacare Action 3NG (Base Price)
Invacare Action 3NG (Base Price)

Invacare Action 3NG (Base Price)

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Introducing the all new Action3NG Light. Elevating the Action range even further with new cutting edge designs that enable the chair to smoothly glide - de
livering effortless propulsion. Action3NG Light is built upon a lightweight aluminium frame that is designed to compliment daily activities at home and out and about – mobility made easy.
New innovative lightweight castor housing greatly reduces the overall weight of the chair with its sleek aluminium design, angle adjustable from 0°, 3° to 6°. Setting the adjustment is easier than ever before with a clear two part plate process enabling seat angles to be adjusted for individual positioning.
The Action3NG Light is designed with both the individual and carer/ attendant in mind – effortless to lift and easy to transport. The lightweight aluminium frame allows for easier propulsion and energy conservation. Light to lift making transportation easy with removable features and a compact frame.
All high-end active and medium-active wheelchairs are sold by assessment only. All quoted prices are 'base prices' and are subject to change following assessment.