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Bora (Base Price)
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The Invacare Bora is a compact chair with a new sense of style to match an
individual's lifestyle and personality. This remarkable chair boasts a powerful yet
smooth driving experience with enhanced colour options for a unique look and feel.
Key features include:
  • Wide range of colour options 
  • Comfortable rear-wheel drive 
  • Compact design
  • Simply Smart LiNX® control system
  • Highly adjustable Modulite Seating (optional)


The Bora has been designed to allow the individual to customise a chair to their personal taste. Choose from an impressive range of 7 shrouds, 2 frame colours and 3 rim options, all of which sit nicely against the black non-marking tyres and front forks.

The Bora has a sophisticated spring suspension system to provide outstanding outdoor appeal for a smooth drive. With a choice of two motors for driving speeds of up to 6 or 10 km/h, its enhanced 50Ah Gel battery ensures a reliable journey.

Excellent indoor mobility is obtained due to the particularly compact dimensions of the Bora. When choosing smaller castors, this feature is optimised, providing a width of below 590 mm.

The two seating systems available are the 'standard' seat and the 'modulite' seat. The latter will form part of our recommendations based on your clinical presentation and following our assessment.