Alber E-Fix (Base Price)

Alber E-Fix (Base Price)

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The Alber E-Fix powered wheels from Invacare will transform the way you perceive your mobility in seconds. Along with the Twions and E-Motions, the E-Fix is an exceptionally capable, powerful, robust and smart piece of kit that attaches to almost all self-propel wheelchairs and can be fitted in minutes.

Unlike the Twions and E-Motions the E-Fix is not designed to be propelled with the push-rims, but through a joystick and controller attached to one of your wheelchair armrests. For those who are familiar with powerchair controls the E-Fix will be easy to control, and with adjustable sensitivity, its possible to build-in a learning curve for beginners. The controller screen is a colour LCD with various customisable options to ensure your E-Fix’s work as best for you as possible.

When not in use the powered wheels can be ‘unlocked’ so that they freewheel, returning your powerchair back to the standard wheelchair. Removing the wheels for loading into a vehicle is rapid thanks to quick release buttons, while the lightweight battery is just 2kg making it easy to lift.

We do not stock a demonstrator of this product but if you'd like to trial it please get in touch and we'll request a demo model from the manufacturer at no cost to you.