Independent Living centre

Folkestone's Independent Living Centre

Welcome! Here we take the opportunity to introduce you to our latest company development - an Independent Living Centre built by us and partly funded through donations from private local businesses and by our customers. We're really excited by the potential this space offers us and our community. Keep reading where we'll summarise the purpose, services we offer and a bit of information about us.

What is an Independent Living Centre?

Our Independent Living Centre here in Folkestone has been created as a safe and welcoming space which is geared around providing relevant, unbiased and useful information to help anyone with mobility or independent living issues. These may present as a result of a sudden change in mobility (following injury or illness), or as a result of natural aging and inability to complete tasks without some form of aid or assistance.

There is an increasing desire across the UK's aging population to remain at home as long as possible, in safe and familiar spaces. This decision is made to retain and preserve the high quality of life enjoyed at home, often surrounded by a community of neighbours and friends. All too often however people fail to adapt their environment to their changing requirements leading to a fall in safety, dignity and ultimately quality of life.

We've been working with clients, their friends and family and/or their physiotherapists, personal assistants or occupational therapists for over thirty years now enhancing their independence with a focus on their mobility both outdoors and around the home. Increasingly we found our clients requiring additional professional services, following their decision to remain at home or post injury, which went beyond just mobility. We therefore decided to expand our services to be all encompassing and to consider the 24 hour picture with the first step of this being a place for clients and their loved ones to come to simply seek advice and support.


What Services Do You Offer?

We offer a huge array of services and complimentary products that support safe independent living and can conduct assessments both here on site or in the comfort of your own home. These include everything related to mobility, which includes comfort wheelchairs through to transit and active wheelchairs, and non-mobility related, including bathing and hygiene, stairlifts and through-floor lifts, grab handles, ramps, rise recliners and profiling beds to name a few. All of these are available by assessment either via us here at Cinque Ports or through our partners at Kent OT who can provide holistic home assessments.

Our ethos here has always been to provide advice and recommendations where required. This distinguishes us from retail outlets whose primary goal is to sell equipment. We are highly accredited and proudly support a wide network of charities and professionals who depend on our integrity, our no-sales approach and person-centred modus operandus. We are proudly different here and invite you to come and visit us for a chat over a cup of tea or coffee.


How Can I Access Your Services?

Our doors are open from 9am to 5pm every day, excluding Friday mornings where we open at 9:30am to allow for our staff meeting. Feel free to pop in if you're passing.

If you'd like to discuss a particular problem you're experiencing or require advice on a given matter we recommend you ring ahead and book a consultation. These are free and informal chats but enable us to put time aside for you. Please ring us on 01303 850760 and let us know a good time for you.

Following a short consultation, which usually only last 15-20 minutes there are a number of next steps we may be able to take. We may offer to book you or your loved one in for a mobility assessment which we'll endeavour to do within five working days regardless of where you live in Kent. We may recommend partner services such as private Occupational Therapists and OT's whereupon we'd be happy to write a referral for you.

Depending on your circumstances we may make recommendations for you to contact Social Services, the NHS Wheelchair Services or your Doctor who will be able to assist you in the immediate term. This is particularly useful for those who are unable to self fund or who may require joined-up services to support more complicated conditions. And finally it may be that the advice we give solves the problem without further interaction required. Whatever it is we're here to help.


How Do I Get In Touch With You?

You may get in touch via any of the following methods:

  • Ring Us on 01303 850760
  • Email Us on
  • Pop In and See Us at 121 Enbrook Valley, Folkestone, Kent CT203NE